Commerical & Residential Painting Services

Interior and Exterior Painting Services

No matter whether you need to freshen up your Northeast Ohio home, or prepare a commercial building for sale or lease; 5 Star offers an interior and exterior painting services to meet your needs. Our service is comprehensive, affordable, and available in Lake, Geauga and Cuyahoga county areas.

We understand there are concerns when hiring any painting service. Listed below is a description of our interior and exterior painting services, in respect to residential and commercial spaces. Much more than a list of services, they are a commitment we make to each customer.

Residential and Commercial Painting Services

Consultation. We will consult with you regarding your choice and color of paint. If you need suggestions in regard to finish or type, we will gladly offer some recommendations. Samples may also be applied upon request if you have a few color options in mind.

Pre-inspection/Preparation. We will secure the property. We will make sure all windows and doors are fastened. We will wash and clean the surfaces, as needed, to prepare the surfaces. Then we put drop cloths and plastic coverings in place over furniture and plants as needed. Any areas that need to be taped, puttied, sanded, or caulked will be addressed, and if it is an exterior job, all shutters or fixtures will be taped or removed prior to painting.

Painting. We will use only environmentally friendly products and paint with a roller, brush or sprayer, depending on the circumstance or request. Doors and shutters will be painted if requested as part of the job.  It is recommended that any painted door be left slightly ajar for 5-6 hours after painting to let the paint cure properly.

Clean Up. We will remove all paint cloths, drop cloths, and furniture coverings that were installed to protect your space during painting. We will also install any doors, shutters and lighting fixtures we may have removed to gain access to surfaces that need to be painted. We will leave your residential or commercial property in better condition than we found it.

Assessment. After the job is complete, we will walk through the space or assess the exterior and address any gaps, cracks or pale spots. Then we will perform a walk through with you as well, to make sure expectations have been met.

Special Requests. If you have a particular concern, or special instruction, regarding your property, let us know. We work with many unique situations, and will work to accommodate your request.

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Our 24 hour residential and commercial pressure washing services are available in Lake County,Geauga County, and Cuyahoga County.

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