Fertilizer & Rust Stain Removal Service

“5 Star! Can you remove rust stains? They’ve gotten really bad and I hate how my driveway looks.”

You would be surprised how often we get that call. And while your rust stains may not be as bad as many of our callers, they are an unfortunate sight at an otherwise beautiful home or business.

One thing to remember is that rust stains can be caused by any number of things around your home. The most common rust stains we’re called to remove have been caused by Fertilizer Rust and Battery Acid Rust.

Fertilizer Rust Stains can happen to anyone who fertilizes their lawn. If the pellets are not properly removed from your lawn, then it’s only a matter of time before they ruin your concrete. Whenever water from the early morning dew, a quick summer shower, or your sprinklers hits the pellets, they’ll start to melt. The moisture starts to dissolve the pellets and the liquid leaves stains across your driveway or parking lot.

Battery Acid Stains occur most often when rinsing off a vehicle with that is battery powered (such as a golf cart). When they are parked in your driveway or on a concrete patio and rinsed off, it causes the acid to fall onto the concrete. The acid seeps below the surface level of the concrete and makes removal especially difficult. If left unresolved, this can ruin even freshly installed concrete.

The 5 Star Way to Remove Rust – We don’t believe in cutting corners or doing things the easy way. That’s why we use the Front 9 Restoration line of products for all rust stain removal. Front 9 Restoration has been recognized across the industry as the most powerful way to remove rust stains without damaging the environment.

Interested in the 5 Star Way?

If you’re in Northeast Ohio, you can have rust stains removed the 5 Star Way. We also offer fair discounts to senior citizens and military (both active and veteran) as a way of showing our respect.

Our staff provides the warmth and friendliness that you can only get from a team of goodhearted locals. And our company is a resident too! Our company has been family owned and operated since we started, and we intend to keep it that way!

Interested in having rust stain removal at your home or business? Why not give us a call for a completely free estimate or get an online estimate? And if you’ve got a written estimate from somewhere else, we’ll beat it. Give us a call at 440-867-4400.


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