Deck and Wood Restoration Services

We Restore and Preserve a variety of wood types and structures!

Once we choose the correct cleaners, we wash the wood with the right amount of pressure. We then do a neutralizing process to prepare the wood to be sealed. After the wood is dried to the proper moisture level, we apply a contractor grade sealer.

Sealing the wood prevents it from splintering.

Prevent your deck from becoming aged from natures elements.

Turn your deck back into the relaxing area it’s intended to be and spend more time outdoors.

With the use of pressure, our cleaners, surface cleaners, and special attention, it will give you the professional looking results you want and adds a new look to your deck and wood surfaces.


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Our 24 hour residential and commercial pressure washing services are available in Lake County,Geauga County, and Cuyahoga County.

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